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Local Repointing Specialists

Offering comprehensive Domestic and Commercial Repointing and Masonry Services in and around Yorkshire.

Our team of adept repointing contractors consistently strives to exceed conventional standards, ensuring an exceptional experience for our esteemed clientele.

Services Offered:

  • Internal & External Repointing
  • Brickwork & Stonework Repointing
  • Floors & Walls Repointing
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Bricklaying and Masonry from new build to restoration

As a reputable local recommendation, we prioritise delivering a FREE Quote tailored to your specific requirements.

The Significance of Repointing Brickwork

  • Protection: Addressing gaps in brickwork mortar caused by weathering is paramount. Water penetration and subsequent freeze-thaw cycles can inflict long-term damage.
  • Longevity: Safeguard your property against damp issues, preserving its structural integrity, especially for insulated cavity walls.
  • Aesthetics: Visible mortar gaps indicate the necessity for repointing, enhancing both appearance and structural robustness.

Advantages of Repointing Brickwork

Repointing bricks plays a pivotal role in restoring a building’s structure and appearance, significantly contributing to general maintenance and restoration endeavors.

Benefits Include:

  • Repair and maintenance of brickwork
  • Weatherproofing walls
  • Augmenting property value and aesthetic appeal
  • Curtailing ongoing maintenance expenses
brickwork that's been ground out with grinder
bricks repointed

Why Choose Us?

At Repointed, we leverage cutting-edge pointing technology, ensuring expeditious and immaculate solutions for brick, stone, concrete, walls, and floors across commercial and domestic settings in the North West UK. Our services extend throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

We commit to completing all repointing projects within stipulated timelines, employing premier tools and masonry technology. With a track record of numerous successful projects and contented clients, we stand tall as one of the most recommended and trusted repointing companies in the region.

lime repointing brickwork

Our Precision in Brick Repointing

Brick Repointing

The replacement of old mortar with new is crucial in brick repointing, as mortar commonly triggers wear and tear in building structures. Despite appearing straightforward, this task demands meticulous precision.

The mortar pointing process involves the utilization of sharp tools such as pointing trowels, jointing iron, chisels, and chaser drill bits. However, inexperienced handling poses a risk of damaging existing bricks in good condition. Therefore, thorough research is imperative when selecting the best brick repointing Company.

Here at Repointed Yorkshire, we boast years of experience in all facets of pointing and brick repointing needs.

For inquiries and a FREE Quote, reach out to us at 07477478250.

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